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Musical sandwich – go ahead, take a bite
It was made with your tongue, teeth and taste buds in mind
The toxins are expelled through gelatin chimneys
Conveniently placed in the heel and the arch
There’s no tar or asbestos, carbon, sulfur, or methane
The sultanas are real, the fauxmage – woman-made


Musical omelet – treat yourself to a plate
Rich blue ink on the menu – notated for bass and treble clef
The eggs come from a factory where they’re grown from seed
Formed in molds extra-utero – pale albumen, bright yolk
The fat, protein and cholesterol have all been removed
All that’s left is a thick starch – layers of gray and orange


Musical soufflé – feel it rise in your lungs
Fills your heart with despair as it wrings out the sponges
Of moist vocalization, of warm gas in the air
Of shrill, pungent aromas we’re unable to sense
We all rise in the morning and fall late in the day
As a scale, or a single note
Welcomes itself, expresses itself
Welcomes itself, expresses itself
Welcomes itself, expresses itself
Welcomes itself, expresses itself


from MOUTHFEEL, released February 15, 2017
James Goode – vocals, keyboards, guitar, bass



all rights reserved


James Goode Berkeley, California

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